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About Us

Bringing together a unique blend of experience, our diverse team is driving innovation in the LLM-space

Daniel Lenton
Founder & CEO
Prior to founding Unify, Dan was a PhD student in the Dyson Robotics Lab, and also worked at Amazon. He completed his Masters in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College, with Dean's list recognition.
Guillermo Sanchez-Brizuela
Founding Engineer
Has led predictive analytics and AI research projects, and earned a Master’s with a focus on Deep Learning, Big Data, and Machine Learning from UVa. His work bridges Deep Learning research and AI deployment.
Thomas Edwards
Founding engineer
His interests lie in understanding how LLMs work, and figuring out where their limitations are. He also has experience in optimising the runtime performance of machine learning models. He has a Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.
Yasser Ahmed Mahmoud
Founding Engineer
A skilled professional who likes machine-learning.
Ved Patwardhan
Founding engineer
Focusing on areas of computer vision and natural language understanding, graduated from Pune Institute of Computer Technology. Ved's academic and research endeavours, such as Controllable Slogan Generation with Diffusion, underline his active engagement in advancing the field of machine learning.
Nassim Berada
Founding engineer
Former Financial Analyst who worked in the Investment Management industry for a time after completing his Master's in Finance and CFA program. He then joined Unify as an AI engineer, eager to contribute to the flourishing AI space.
James Keane
Founding engineer
AI graduate from the University of Edinburgh, joined Unify during his penultimate year and continued working with the company while completing his degree. Now, he's driving Sales and Marketing, passionate about expanding Unify's customer base and increasing brand awareness.
Albert D. Lukacs
Founding designer
Prior to working with Unify, a Digital Designer at Intuition Publishing and a Graphic Designer at Studio Aaviz. He’s a post-graduate of The Glasgow School of Art.
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