Conversational AI Ecommerce Platform

Shop, search, compare, and purchase with intuitive natural language commands to drive sales and increase revenue.
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Advanced Targeting

Enable triggered events to initiate dialogue with users based on behavior and trends to upsell products or services.
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Multi Platform Support

One software package for multiple leading edge speech and text recognition platforms.
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Betty Can
Customer Service
User: Did my order ship?
Betty: Yes, your order shipped yesterday at 12:30pm. It should arrive tomorrow by 8:00pm.
User: Thanks! Please send that same order to me next month too.
Betty: I can do that. I've scheduled it to send out 30 days from today.
User: I'd like to order the red socks on page three of your catalog.
Betty: Those are nice aren't they? I can get that order ready for you. They are $3.99 each. Do you just want 1?
User: Yes, also please apply promo code FREESHIP1
Betty: Sounds good. That will give you free shipping. It's always nice when you don't have to pay for that!
User: Is purple shirt still available?
Betty: Which purple shirt are you asking about? Purple Haze, Grape are Great or Prince Purple?
User: Prince Purple
Betty: Yes, Prince Purple is still available. Would you like me to start an order for you?
Betty: Hello Alan, I just wanted you to know that the Midnight Gaming Chair is back in stock now.
User: How much is it?
Betty: It is currently $25.99 but just for you I'll take off $5 if you like to buy it now before it's out of stock again?
User: Great, I'll order!

How It Works

  • Signup for UNIFY.AI
  • Connect us to your platform We can automatically connect to a number of third-party platform (for example, Magento and Salesforce Cloud)
  • Add one line of JavaScript to your site We do this so we can gather data to uniquely target your customers to improve conversions
  • Follow our best practices to promote your new services
  • That's it!


Retail AI An entire ecommerce solution in the form of conversational commands and gestures fueled by analytics.
Multiple Services, One Account One account tether to all voice platforms providing a robost overview of relevant user data.
Targeted Upsells Increase revenue by sharing relevant information and products with users that have a history of interactions.
Advanced Customer Service Provide detailed information services to customer's inquires in a natural conversational style.
Target Millennials Tap into a market of users who utilize the latest technologies driving the mobile market today.
Multi Platform Support Stay updated on the latest messaging platforms as they are added to upon their release.
No Programming Required We do all the heavy lifting for you. Just sit back and enjoy your new customer service channels.
Be The Manager Follow and monitor conversations, interrupt your AI with a real rep, when your AI can't answer you'll be notified to follow-up.
Train Your AI Every business has unique things they would like to share with your customers. Train your AI to respond instantly to every message.

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UNIFY.AI is a new ecommerce platform that allows our customers to connect to new and exciting services to increase conversions, improve customer service and provide your customers with access options. Sign up below for early access and be one of the first to increase sales and improve customer service through our platform!
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