AI, e-Commerce and Understanding Emotional Response

Emotional response is an often-overlooked aspect of automated communications. Let’s take a look at a common automated customer service response that might be generated to respond to a customer’s comment:

Complaint: I haven’t received my order and I ordered it TEN days ago. It was important that I receive it by last Friday and yet your slow site still says it hasn’t shipped! When will my order arrive? I should probably just cancel it.

Automated Response: Thank you for your email. Our staff typically responds to all email requests within 48 hours.

We all can see what is wrong with that. First, the customer is clearly angry – justifiably so – but the initial response says, “Thank you.” Is that what the customer wants to hear? We can read this and automatically recognize that this individual in a state of anger and frustration – two emotions no retailer wants their customers to feel.

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