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Order Examples

General Inquiry

A general order inquiry typically entails just viewing the order. The example below is a Facebook Messenger conversation.


Receipt Message

The first screenshot features the request on the order. This request can be made with several different types of sentences. For example:
  • check on my order
  • pull up my order
  • view my receipt
The three examples above will produce similar results.
The second screenshot is how Facebook Messenger displays the receipt. It is triggered when the user clicks on the order confirmation.

Tracking information

Tracking information comes from a variety of potential data points. We have direct integration with UPS and FedEx. That integration help the conversation by using the shippers actual estimated arrival dates in the response.


As you can see, in the above example we were able to let the customer know when the order was placed, when it was shipped, and when it should arrive.


Often times, a customer may way to reorder something they’ve bought in the past. Since all previous orders are data points for our service, we can look up past information so we know what the customer is referencing.


In this conversation the customer notes red scarf and last time. Those two point lead our system to retrieve an item called “red scarf” from the last order she placed with that title. This type of scenario is important for size or brand variations.

The response reminds the user when the order was placed for further clarification and then asks how many should be added to the order.

Order Corrections

At times items fall into a corrections routine because the order cannot be fulfilled with the parameters that the customer intended upon checkout. In these cases we take that data and display it to the customer.


In the above example, you’ll note that one of the items is now on back order and cannot be fulfilled with the rest of the items. The information is then conveyed to the customer.

This situation can also be used as a push message to the customer when something needs to be sent. So, if when a correction situation arises, our service can send the notification to the user if they are subscribed to receive it.

In the case of the Amazon Echo, if the customer subscribes to our service via the news briefing, we will alert the user at that time.

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