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Product Examples

Product Information

Product details can be queried by simply asking for a product by name or by item number. If a name is vague, then more than one result might be returned for the customer (a maximum of 4). In-stock values are included in the returned results.


Product Stock Inquiry

An example of a product specific query is to check if there is enough available that you would like to order.


In this example, the customer asks if there are 10 available which in turn has the system check the in-stock quantity. It adds a “ready to ship” message as well, which is triggered based on time of day and added as an up-sell technique.

Product Recommendation

Product recommendations can work in a few different ways: static, by keywords or dynamic. The static recommendations can be set by the company in the administration portal by item. These are items that our customers think their users would want to see with another item.

“By keywords” recommendations are items that have similar words associated with them. One can think of these as a search-like mechanism.

Dynamic recommendations are set by what we think your customers will want to see. The dynamic recommendations are specific to the individual and are personalized based on their unique shopping experience.

In the below example, notice that the customer is asking for similar items to the USA Dog Ornament. Displayed are items in which they might be interested.


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