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So many new services and channels are coming on board to communicate with potential customers. The communication can be simple customer services questions like, “Where is my order?” Or they can be complex situations where the customer wants to correct an error or reorder an item from a past order. Unify AI’s assistant, Betty, is here to help our customers tackle these emerging channels and provide their customers with top of the line service.

Betty is simply a retail AI assistant. She knows a lot about ordering, customer service and typical FAQ queries, but she really shines when she starts learning about different products and services that our clients offer. She can also help with how-to’s or instructional situations. But she is always learning, both in the sense of machine learning, and also in fact that our staff reviews conversations anonymously to help Betty gain knowledge she might not readily have access to.

Unify AI is your one-stop shop to add services to your existing e-commerce site. Services like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and many others. Make sure all your channels are covered!

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